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How you can expertly prepare for an upcoming Maryland divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2024 | Divorce

As a married couple in Maryland contemplates divorce, it can leave both parties in a state of shock and confusion. While the divorce process can be difficult or sometimes even seem impossible, understanding a few tips can help ease your concerns during such a challenging time.

Prepare for your financial future

Whether you earned an income or not throughout your marriage, going from two incomes to one can be a shock. If you’re not working currently, this situation may need to change after finalizing your divorce. Divorce experts often recommend creating a new weekly or monthly budget to help you avoid post-divorce overspending.

Prioritize assets you want

Another aspect of the divorce process typically entails dividing assets a couple accumulated during their marriage. For example, Maryland is a state where marital assets are subject to equitable division. Maryland focuses on dividing assets and debts fairly, which doesn’t always mean equal division among divorcing couples. In this situation, it’s wise to prioritize the marital property you want to walk away with. If you and your former spouse can agree on dividing assets, you’ll have both accomplished a crucial step in the divorce process.

Have a support network

Ending a marriage is rarely easy. Such a major, life-changing event can make you feel depressed, scared and a number of other unwanted feelings. Instead of spending time alone, many divorce experts advise people in this situation to create and utilize a support network. This can include your friends, family and work colleagues.

A critical thing to remember is that no divorce proceedings are permanent. While the divorce process can be challenging, finalizing it brings you one step closer to moving on from your ex-spouse and beginning your new life.