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How one co-parenting app is making life easier for divorced parents

On Behalf of | Feb 9, 2024 | Divorce

Some Maryland couples getting divorced must do so with children from their marriage. If it weren’t for children, many of them would hope to never or rarely speak with their former spouses. Understandably, considering the expenses of a divorce, most couples aren’t eager to pay more money for an app they’ve never heard of. However, an app called OurFamilyWizard may help you and your child’s other parent.

Taking accountability

When two divorced parents don’t get along, it can be tempting for heated communication between both parties. However, because some courts now decree OurFamilyWizard for parenting matters, both parties in a divorce are often more aware of what they say and how they say it. If that’s the case, either side in a divorce can use this app’s messages as evidence.

Fostering more positive communication

OurFamilyWizard also contains a tool called the ToneMeter. This helpful feature provides feedback about how another person may perceive the tone of your message. ToneMeter gives you a moment to reflect on the words you use, helping you propose a kinder way to communicate with your former spouse.

Tracking important dates

After parents divorce, most of them want to stay involved in their children’s lives. OurFamilyWizard helps parents achieve this goal through a helpful digital calendar. This calendar lets a child’s parents track dates, check into events and create date-based entries. From drop-offs to pick-ups, OurFamilyWizard can make short-term and long-term life plans easier than ever to follow.

People listening to divorce-related programs, podcasts and more have likely heard OurFamilyWizard mentioned. While it might appear like a simple application, OurFamilyWizard appears to help divorcing couples with children.