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What are the benefits of filing for divorce?

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2023 | Divorce

It might be difficult to believe for couples in Maryland who are struggling in their marriage that there are benefits to filing for divorce. While most people enter marriage hoping for happiness, the reality is that in some cases, that fulfillment might not be found and divorce might become the only option.

Why do people file for divorce?

There are many reasons that might lead a couple to choose to end their marriage. The decision might come after attempting to fix what the spouses perceive is wrong or after attempting couples therapy without being able to move forward. Some of the reasons people decide to file for divorce include:

• Having grown apart over the years

• Struggling with different views on finances

• Experiencing adultery in the marriage

• Living with alcohol or drug addiction

Filing for divorce can have benefits

As difficult as making the decision to divorce can be, it can also provide one or both spouses with benefits. Some of the benefits of divorce include:

• Establishing stability and security in an otherwise chaotic marriage full of conflict

• Allowing each person to seek relationships and activities that bring them true fulfillment

• Creating space for a spouse to become financially independent and free, particularly when finances were the main issue in the relationship

• Creating an opportunity for both spouses to reflect on the issues and decide if their relationship is something they can continue to work on or if it is best to end it

The process of divorce can be a difficult one to start, full of complicated emotions such as fear, confusion, anxiety, worry and even anticipation. However, it can also provide relief from ongoing strife and a chance at a fresh start in life. For parents, it might also, in the long run, positively affect the children, as they can settle into a life with more emotionally stable, supportive, happier parents.