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SUVs and pedestrian accidents more likely to occur

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2023 | Personal Injury

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), SUVs are more likely to be involved in accidents with pedestrians than other vehicle types. Suppose you are in a pedestrian accident in Maryland involving an SUV or other large vehicle. In that case, you may face significant medical expenses and serious injuries. Here’s what you should know.


To recover damages in a pedestrian accident involving an SUV, you must demonstrate that the SUV driver was negligent, meaning he or she breached his or her duty of care to other drivers on the road, and this breach resulted in your injuries.

Negligence in pedestrian accidents involving SUVs may manifest in several ways, such as distracted driving, not yielding the right of way, speeding and failing to signal a turn. It’s crucial to gather evidence like witness statements, police reports and medical records to support your claim.

Statute of limitations

Maryland enforces a statute of limitations on personal injury claims, including those concerning pedestrian accidents involving SUVs. This implies that you have limited time to file a claim after the accident. Generally, in Maryland, you have three years from the accident date before the statute of limitations is up.

Not filing your claim within this period could prevent you from recovering damages. Therefore, acting quickly after the accident is essential to ensure you file your claim before the statute of limitations expires.

Additional considerations

Pedestrian accidents involving SUVs can be complicated, with multiple parties involved, such as the SUV driver, the vehicle manufacturer and other potentially liable parties. Researching the legal process and available resources, including local pedestrian safety advocacy groups, could help you navigate the legal process and understand your rights. These resources can provide valuable guidance and support if you seek compensation for your injuries and any other damages.