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Fighting For A Fair Child Support Arrangement

Arranging child support is very stressful and can be one of the most complex aspects of family law. It is crucial that the amount of support you pay or receive is fair.

When you need lawyers who can advocate for your right to receive a fair support arrangement, you can turn to Hollis, Cronan & Fronk, P.A. in Easton. With more than 70 combined years of experience, our personable team has helped hundreds of clients protect their financial interests and the best interests of their children.

What Do Courts Consider In Child Support Cases?

Often, we represent clients in private negotiations or family law mediation to help them arrive at mutually satisfactory agreements. In other situations, though, it is necessary for a court to issue a child support decision. The judge will consider several factors before arriving at their verdict, such as:

  • The income of each parent
  • The separate assets of each parent
  • The custody and visitation arrangement
  • The ability of each parent to earn a living
  • The child’s medical, insurance, educational and other needs

If you are a parent who needs to receive child support, we will do our utmost to make sure you receive the amount you need. If you potentially have to pay support, we will try to prevent an unfair order so that you can preserve your assets. As trial-tested litigators, we know what strategies could give you an advantage in various Maryland courts.

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